Hardwood and Vinyl Services

Adding warmth and charm to any room is easy with new hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Hardwood and vinyl are two of the most popular choices for flooring today. They both have their unique benefits that make them an excellent choice for adding a classic style to any room. Plus, this type of flooring can last for decades if properly maintained, making them a very wise investment.

Why Choose Wood or Vinyl from Cornerstone Flooring?

There are many compelling reasons why you should install wood or vinyl flooring in your home or office space.

  • Durable and Long-lasing
  • Instantly Adds Value
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • Fits Any Budget

We offer a variety of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl plank, or vinyl roll flooring in colors and styles that suit any taste. 

Wood or Vinyl Installation

We bring years of experience to the table in helping you select the right type of wood and finish for your needs. Vinyl planks or other vinyl products are a budget-friendly option providing a quick and easy installation process.

Please give us a call or stop by today for more information about our flooring options or to schedule your free estimate!